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Easter Is Around the Corner – Give The Gifts Kids Really Want

Today I want to talk about the gift of time, which is something that our kids REALLY want, as we see over and over again in Chicken Soup for the Soul stories. With Easter coming at the end of the week, I thought I’d share a couple of stories that might give you ideas for creating unique gifts this year.

Dr. Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden, Stops by to Discuss How Her Own Dreams Influence Her Life

Today I’m bringing back one of our most popular guests – Kelly Sullivan Walden – America’s dream expert. Kelly and I have made two books together—Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions, and more recently Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable.

How Do Moms Know These Things?

Today I’m going to share two of my new favorite stories with you, from our brand new book that just came out yesterday – Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom. These stories will make you think mothers and grandmothers have some kind of magical power.

Expect Great Things of People – You’ll Be Amazed By How They Will Rise to the Challenge

Today I’m going to share a couple of stories that show that if we expect greatness from people they really WILL rise to the occasion. Putting on rose-colored glasses doesn’t just make things look rosy, sometimes it changes them for real!

Writing Advice That Really Works from Bestselling Author James Scott Bell

Today we are replaying a terrific interview with the bestselling author James Scott Bell, who has some wonderful writing tips for you. I’ll see you Monday! 

When Perfect Strangers Spontaneously Band Together to Do Something Perfectly Kind

Today’s podcast is one of my old favorites, about perfect strangers getting together to do something kind, as a group. These are great stories! 

Why Not Assume the Best Will Happen?

I’m off this week because we’re in a big crunch getting books to the printer. Today’s re-run episode is about assuming the best will happen, which is a great strategy for viewing your day in a more positive light.

Journalist Natasha Stoynoff Joins Amy to Talk Divine Intervention

It’s Friday and this is when we’re joined by one of my friends. Today my special guest is Natasha Stoynoff, who collaborated with me on a bestselling book that we published a year ago called "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope & Miracles." Natasha Stoynoff began her career as a teenaged entertainment sleuth in her hometown of Toronto, nabbing interviews and photos of elusive celebrities like Bruce Springsteen, Marlon Brando, and Madonna for the local dailies. After earning a B.A. in English and Psychology at York University and studying Journalism, she worked as a two-way news reporter/photographer at the Toronto Star and created her own Showbiz column, “Celebrity Bytes,” at the Toronto Sun. Currently the author of ten books (with more in the works) including two New York Times bestsellers, Natasha lives in New York City where she is writing a screenplay that involves a lot of hope and a few good miracles.

Miraculous Coincidences that Saved Lives

Hey, it's Amy Newmark with some new favorite stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul. Our latest book is out, and it’s filled with stories about miracles and really weird coincidences. Today I’m going to share two of them. Whether you think they’re miracles or just incredibly well timed coincidences, they are great stories that I was thrilled to publish.

Rescued Dogs that Become Service Dogs – From Dumpster Dog to Hero Dog

Today I’m going to share a couple of stories about rescued dogs and how they turned around and rescued their humans. We’re very passionate at Chicken Soup for the Soul about doing our part to help the millions of cats and dogs in the U.S. and Canada that are abandoned—and are living in shelters or outside—waiting for new homes. We feature stories about rescued dogs and cats in our books, we feature rescues on our TV show "Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Hidden Heroes," and we do a lot of work in partnership with American Humane, the oldest animal welfare organization in the U.S.